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Torgom Sarukhanyan. A Criminal Case No. 91000511

Written by Gayane Khachatryan on . Posted in Army

TorgomAccording to the official version of 02/ 12/ 2011 NKR defense army unit No. 46677 at 4:35 pm on the 6th Battalion soldier Torgom committing suicide with the use of weapon type AK-74 serial number BE303806. Torgom shot a single gunshot to the chest and died fact No. 91000511 filed in the case. Syunik Regional Court Judge H. Davtyan decided the suicide was caused by 3 soldiers William Engibaryan, Robert Badalyan and Hrant Karapetyan.
Accompanied by the preliminary investigation of fraud and criminal offenses, resulting in distortion of facts, and T. Sarukhanyan premeditated murder was classified as a suicide.

Tigran Hambardzumyan. A Criminal Case No. 90554311

Written by Gayane Khachatryan on . Posted in Army

TigranAccording to court records, the ordinary soldiers of mandatory military unit 54809 Benik Hambardzumyan June 28, 2011 at 6: 30 am involuntarily left the military unit. During the search at 1: 15 pm on June 29, 2011 Tigran Hambardzumyan was found dead in the forest, about 100 meters away from the unit.

Arthur Ghazaryan A Criminal Case No. 90150611

Written by Gayane Khachatryan on . Posted in Army

Arthur According to official information Arthur Ghazaryan NKR Defense Army military unit No. 38401  felt ill on 12/15/2010 and 36 hours later lost consciousness and was transferred to the Defense Ministry's Central Clinical Military Hospital, on 12/17/2010 there doctors performed surgeries on him and on 12/21/2010 he died without regaining consciousness. Doctors said Ghazaryan's death was due to "mixed cerebral vascular malformation is mostly cavernous hemangioma type, acute occlusion hydrocephaly, cerebral edema, subarachnoid hemorrhage." Coming to such conclusion, Inspector SS Chief excluded the criminal case on 07/15/2011 due to the lack of a guilty party.

Artak Nazaryan. A criminal case No. 90788210

Written by Gayane Khachatryan on . Posted in Army

Artak Nazaryan1In the official version July 27, 2010 at 07: 50 am in the Ministry of Defense No. 21127 "Mehrabner" was given to a military unit No. 12 "Ghozlu" senior military post office Lieutenant Artak S. Nazaryan shot himself in the mouth with an "AK-74" (number 1093977) and died due to the gunshot wound. The case was filed in the criminal case No. 90788210.

Arman Hakobyan. A Criminal Case No. 90511400

Written by Gayane Khachatryan on . Posted in Army

Arman HakobyanThe preliminary investigation has justified the 09/25/2000 in the Ministry of Defense military unit No. 54122 Arman Vardan Hakobyan, performing guard duty was at the checkpoint at about 03: 40 local time, in his own AK-74 automatic rifle from one type of number 1181849 shot, received a gunshot wound to the front of the head on the way to the hospital.


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