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  • “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

    Winston Churchill : British politician
  • “The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. ”

    John Hay : American diplomat
  • “Real riotousness is lucking, so there are no leaders. ”

    Vladimir Visotskiy : Actor and poet
  • “Voluntary slaves produce more tyrants rather than tyrants – slaves”.

    Honore Gabriel Riqueti, French politician
  • "Freedom is something that dies unless it's used"

    Hunter S. Thompson, American journalist

Nationalism as Racism Generator

Racism and xenophobia have been the main ideologies of social science investigation for a long time. Though the active engagement of human rights framework into the discrimination and racism issues research, the world community still continues to care the consequences of racism in the cultural context. The outcome of comparison of theories on high and low context cultures refers that high context cultures are not open to manipulations, however, it is easier to lead this kind of society to xenophobia. The reason is that the representatives of high context cultures make greater distinctions between insiders and outsiders. It is easier to lead society to xenophobic ideologies when the social cultural context is concentrated on making distinctions between the members and non-members of the ethnic group.

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The advocate of Helsinki Association for Human Rights NGO Arayik Papikyan who is exercising the defense of the condemned member of the Grand Patrol Service Station Occupants’ group Ashot
Petrosyan, has introduced some particularities on the situation and the state of his client. He has informed that Ashot Petrosyan is in the penitentiary hospital and his health state is adequate. Arayik Papikyan underlined the fact that the official messages announced about his client; the incident with car when he was surrounded by the police officers, also the cut parts of the speech records of the occupant group and the official interpretations of these records do not correspond to each other and to reality.
“This means that firstly there is a distortion of the context in which the interpretation is put and which not only violates the innocence presumption but also leads the case examination to the wrong direction”. Told Papikyan
Speaking about the incident with car Papikyan interpreted that the group activities where his client was engaged never followed the goal against any person, including police officers.
Let’s revise yesterday’s message of police concerning event’s, where they told that near 01:00 AM a car coming from the occupant’s Grand Patrol Service Station was driven to the police officers chain.
In the end the advocate also mentioned about Ashot Petrosyan’s being de facto deprived from his right to legal defense. Armenian government kept the formality to provide him with a public defender, but before that Ashot Petrosan was not even told about the grounds of the arrest.

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On July 17 in the morning the occupation of Grand Patrol Service station by “Sasna Tsrer” group was followed by persecutions of peaceful civilians by police officers in the streets. Human Rights House Yerevan adjudicates the events organized by police against peaceful civilians on 17th and 18th July: particularly more than 3 hours’ illegal persecution without stating legal category, torture, while keeping them in the places that are not legally supposed to keep persecutors.

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The term xenophobia comes from Greek word "xeÂnos", which refers to foreign, and foÂbos, which refers to fear. The suffix `phobia' is a physiological term. It refers to having an extreme fear or hatred to something. The difference between fear and phobia is that, while fear corresponds with a real danger, phobia corresponds with imagined danger, which leads to inadequate attitude towards reality.

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Right to Life vs. Right to Death

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Right to life and right to death had been a topic for discussion for a long time, within the borders of which a lot of attention was paid by authors to the holiness and not-holiness of life. The development of this topic went contra right to death, because people were mostly concentrated more on giving worth to the concept of life than on the right to choice. This essay is mostly dedicated to looking at the right to death from the perspective of the right to choice.  Religious approaches of sanity of life threaten people with the concept of inhumanity to end up life intentionally. However the right to freedom of choice which refers not to suffer from “useless existence” is not less important. Some appreciate the value of existence, while others consider life valuable depended on opportunities and choices. 

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