Hakob Jaghatspanyan joined Helsinki Association team as a webmaster and network administrator starting from 2011. Hakob Jaghatspanyan is responsible for the organization’s website constructive and current work. Hakob realizes the website upgrading and modernization. In 2012 Hakob Jaghatspanyan participated in a training course called “Information Security” in Georgia ,in November 29 of 2012 has successfully completed the requirements to be recognized as a  Microsoft Technology Associate . He knows the following programs; Windows operating system, Networking (Workgroup), Web Design, Microsoft office, adobe photoshop, adobe flash, adobe after effects.

   Aкоб Джагацпанян присоединилась к команде Хельсинкской Ассоциации как веб-мастер и администратор сети с 2011 года. . В 2012 году Aкоб Джагацпанян принимал участие в тренинге «Информационная безопасность» организованная в Грузии. Отвечает за конструктивную и текущую работу веб-сайта организации. Владеет Windows operating system and Networking (Workgroup), Web Design , Microsoft office, adobe photoshop, adobe flash, adobe after effects программами.

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This web-site creation was made possible by the support of Counterpart International’s Civil Society and Local Government Support Program and the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International through “Helsinki Associaiton”. Content, views and opinions expressed herein are those of the author(s), and the responsibility of Helsinki Association and do not necessarily reflect the views of Counterpart Armenia, USAID or the United States Government.” 

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