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Human Rights defender explained why had not signed the letter of NGOs.

While asking to`s question about the reasons which made him dismiss the letter Danielyan highlighted that today there are lots of other more serious and important questions worth of attention of Ambassadors in Armenia, such as inhuman degrading treatment in prisons, torture in Police, issue of political prisoner Tigran Arakelyan, the fact that courts, offices of prosecutors, Police are puppets.
“There is no doubt that issues raised by NGOs are important but not urgent. All those questions would not appear if mentioned above problems were solved. For example, we know that Tigran Arakelyan is blamed in violence against policeman and that`s an artificial case. So all those cases were policemen use force against activists and journalists are classified as regularity by authorities.” – claimed Danielyan.
Danielyan also mentioned that UN and its Ambassadors are not serious for him.

For more information please switch to the Armenian version of the Article.

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