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Careless Manslaughter

Here should be added the fact that the murderer, who was called to the military service from Tavush Region of Armenia, is declared into search by the law-enforcement bodies of Nagorno Karabakh, not those of the Republic of Armenia, which creates grounds to believe that Dumikyan won’t be caught for a long time.
The investigation carried out by investigator Adamyan is by no means relevant to the committed crime, which we will try to prove below.
Let us start from the thing that according to the forensic medical expertise No 226/14 in addition to the perforating fire-armed wound found in the region of the right plummet of his head, a number of other injuries have been found in different parts of the body, such as haematoma on the left thigh, abrasions on the different parts of the chest, on hands and on legs. According to the same expertise, these injuries “have been caused by an obtuse and hard object when he was still alive”. In other words, Meliqyan had been beaten and tortured before his death.
Not having found the persons who had subjected Meliqyan to torture, investigator Adamyan turned to Dumikyan, who was found guilty as a murderer, and also to a captain Sahakyan. The latter met the concerns of the investigator with pleasure and took the responsibility of the expert by stating that they carried wounded Meliqyan from the observation point to the trench, that they carried him very quickly and as a result Meliqyan’s body touched the brinks of the trench and received wounds. However, it could not happen, first because he had clothes on at that moment including winter uniform and secondly, judging from the injury on Meliqyan’s head, he died instantly and the above mentioned injuries could only appear after the shot on his head. Despite the alleged fact that there were more than 10 shots from the observation post No 5, however, the investigator hasn’t found any shells there. It’s worth mentioning that during the meeting of the deceased’s mother, military prosecutor Armen Khachatryan, without batting an eyelid, “has explained” to the parents that the shells had fallen in the territory of the enemy, and the investigator physically was unable to take them. Despite the fact that Maliqyan was wounded in his head in the standing position, nevertheless no blood stains have been found on his winter uniform and on his shirt, and this is in case, when they have been found on two other streaky and sleeveless shirts. However, according to the medical examiner, Meliqyan used alcohol before his death, but the investigator “failed to find out” when, with whom and under which circumstances Melqyan has drunk. And this is in case when, according to the testimony given by the soldiers, before the murder, Captain Sahakyan was going to have dinner with his fellow-officers and for that purpose he put on the table a one-liter plastic bottle of homemade vodka.
There are so many such inaccuracies in the criminal case-file, that it is difficult to mention them all. At the same time, we can make a clear presumption based on the results of different expert opinions that before the accident Meliqyan had drunk with the officers (or maybe soldiers) and that all this took place near the hot stove so Meliqyan was wearing only two shirts. During this a dispute broke between him and the drunken men, which ended in premeditated murder.
Unfortunately, while the mother of Khachatur Meliqyan was applying to Serj Sargsyan first as Defense Minister and later as Prime whereby she requested to remit the case to additional investigation, the six-month time limit for lodging an appeal against the judgment of the court of first instance had expired and now it’s rather difficult to say how the case will develop in future or if the case will have any continuation at all.
Curious enough is the fact that while the Military Prosecutor’s Office of RA was dealing with the criminal case of Khachatur Meliqyan, killed by his co-serviceman, Kh. Meliqyan was awarded a medal for “Military Service” by Arkadi Ghukasyan, the President of Nagorno Karabakh, as, according to the president of Nagorno Karabagh, Kh. Meliqyan was killed by the enemy’s bullet.
We can’t finish the article without mentioning that the same judge, Lernik Atanyan, had his contribution in covering up the murder case, who is well-known in the public because of the case of soldier Misha Harutyunyan (See URL ). Let us remind that the “confession” statements from M. Harutyunyan were obtained by means of torture, namely by pulling nails. These facts were proved and 5 officers of MP were brought to justice, which, nevertheless, didn’t prevent Lernik Atanyan to sentence Misha Harutyunyan to imprisonment taking into consideration the “confession” statements obtained by means of torture. At the same time he was justifying torture that he had committed, as according to him they had been done “in order to reveal the justice”. Let us add that Misha Harutyunyan applied to the European Court of Human Rights and Alvina Gyulumyan, the representative of Republic of Armenia in the European court stated in her statement of 10.07.2007 that European Court granted his claim considering that the judgment delivered for Misha Harutyunyan was illegal.


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