Helsinki Association for Human Rights Announcement

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Dear Colleagues
Helsinki Association for Human Rights NGO expresses its gratefulness to all of You for Your support during these hard and distressful days.
Human rights activism is not easy at all, and it will be twice harder for us now, because of the absence of our great chairman, Mika. But, he had gathered a team, which is able and which must continue all the ongoing projects and activities of the organization. The team is still charged with commitment and faithfulness to the same convictions that Mika held while establishing Helsinki Association.  
We ensure that our team will make the maximum efforts to work with twice more enthusiasm, to held the picture about the organization and continue the missions and projects of the organization.
The further cooperation with our partner organizations is important for us as well and we are ready to continue the cooperation established on the grounds of reciprocal trustful relations.
In several days Helsinki Association will be ready to introduce our new chairman.
For all of us Mika will be remembered as the Chairman of Helsinki Association for human rights NGO.
The Helsinki Association for Human Rights Protection NGO team.
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