Nina Karapetyants works as an advocate and head of the monitoring group at Helsinki Association starting from 2009. She governs the current work of the organization monitoring group and develops the material introduced by them for the upcoming reports.

    Nina Karapetyants has participated in a number of trainings and courses; among them on 2012 “Problems of the Forensic Examinations” training financed by the European Union and implemented by the Council of Europe; on May, 2012 in the frameworks of “On Promoting the Presentation of Third Party Opinion (amicus curiae) to the RA Constitutional Court and ECHR” project participated at two days seminar called “Amicus curiae at Constitutional and International Proceedings” organized by OSCE and Chamber of Advocates of the RA; on 2011 “Problems of Civil Litigations” training, organized by the Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia; on 2007 “Issues on the Improvement of a Person’s and Citizen’s Rights Protection in the RA” training, organized by the RA School of Management; on 2001 “Regulation of the RA External Activity” training, organized by the RA School of Management; on 1998 “Environmental Problems in RA” training, organized by the RA School of Management. 


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