Statement Of Non-Governmental Organizations Of Armenia

The authorities of Armenia relying on law enforcement bodies and judicial system freely carry out any order and continue the policy of intimidation and violence towards the disagreeable citizens.

Arrests, beatings and judicial punishment of journalists and human rights defenders, disgraceful trials related to the events of March 1, 2008 over oppositional leaders of Armenia, arrests and beatings of youth movement members struggling for their rights are sanctioned by provost regime of Armenia.


The commencement of a criminal case instituted against Mariam Sukhudyan, one of the leaders of ecological movement is another vivid manifestation of policy of impatience towards the dissidence.

We, the undersigned non-governmental organizations of Armenia which are members of South Caucasian Network of Human Rights Defenders
demand the competent bodies to stop the criminal case instituted against Mariam Sukhudyan,
demand the competent bodies to punish the ones who instituted the criminal case
address the international organizations with a request to support our demands and exert pressure on the authorities of Armenia.

Helsinki Association
Helsinki Citizen Assembly
Journalist Club “Asparez”
Women Resource Center
Vernatun- Wives of Political Prisoners
PINK Armenia
Democracy Today
Helsinki Citizen Assembly of Vanadzor

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