The citizen of Armenia was Hold in Psychiatric Penitentiary against His Will and Without Any Legal Grounds (video)

At October 24 the Helsinki Association has got an application from news page that a resident of Vardenis Armen Yeranosyan was being hold in Nubarashen Psychiatric Penitentiary against his will for several days. After getting the news the Chairman of Helsinki Association advocate Nina Karapetyants went to NubarashenPsychiatric Penitentiary with human rights defenders and a journalist from 

The group had a meeting with NubarashenPsychiatric Penitentiary’s director Armen Ananyan, who was trying to prove that Armen Yeranosyan was in bed psychic health estate and that he tried to jump from Kievyan Bridge. Afterwards, a psychiatrist of NubarashenVazgenArakelyan, who announced in the beginning that “he doesn’t give a shit about human rights”, joined the conversation. On the basis of Nina Karapetyans’ demand, Armen Yeranosyan (the patient) was invited to an interview in the director’s cabinet. He told that he was kept in the penitentiary against his own will, and he never wanted or tried to jump from the bridge. Yeranosyan also told that when he acted a manifestation against the government, he was called from a police station, appointed near the bridge assuring that they r going to give a solution to his problem…

After a long conversation between human rights defenders of Helsinki and the penitentiary crew, the director allowed Yeranosyan to leave Nubarashenphsyciatric penetentiary.

During the interview with helsinki Association Armen Yeranosyan informed that he was working in the gold mining factory of Vardenis as a locksmith and he was faired from the job without any legal grounds and explainations. As an act of protest he sewed his mouth in the front of the government building, demanding to reestablish him back to work.

He also mentioned that during being kept in the phsyciatric penetentiary he was treated inhumanly and when the penetentiary crew got to know that the human rights defenders from Helsinki had  arrived, Yeranosyan was ordered by phsyciatrist Vazgen Arakelyan to refuse the legal help.  Yeranosyan denied the demand of Arakelyan, after which the hospital crew injected him some medicin and he was hardly able to reach the director’s cabinet.

See the particularities of the case in the video

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