“Slaves of Putin” The police used force against journalists and activists (video)

Today at 13.00 peacefull action started on Bagramyan ave in front of RA Presidential Palace, participants of the action were protesting against the announcement of RA President Serzh Sargsyan to join the Russian-Led Customs Union: which was announced yesterday in Moscow during official meeting of two presidents.

Some of the participants came close to the gates of Presidential Palace and were standing calm; however the police started yanking them. Activists started shouting “Slaves of Putin”, “Go away Russia”, “Leave Serzhik”, and “Slave of Russian”.

The police used force against activists of the protest action and journalists of Epress.am and other journals. Police girdled them and didn`t allow to leave the circle.
According to our information 11 young people were taken to the Police station such as Aren Manukian, David Sanasaryan, Sipan Pashinyan, Karen Harutyunyan and etc.
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Information and video material by Epress.am

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