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Territorial Administration And

Local Self-Government

Article 104. The administrative territorial units of the Republic of Armenia shall be the provinces and districts.

Provinces shall include urban and rural districts.

Article 105. Districts shall have local self-government.

To manage the property of the district and to solve problems of local significance, self governing local bodies shall be elected for a period of three years: a Council of Elders, composed of five to fifteen members, and a District Administrator: a City Mayor or Village Mayor.

The District Administrator shall organize his or her staff.

Article 106. The District Council of Elders, upon the recommendation of the District Administrator, shall approve the district budget, oversee the implementation of the budget, and determine local taxes and fees as prescribed by law.

Article 107. The provinces shall be governed by the state Government.

The Government shall appoint and remove the Governors of the provinces, who shall implement the Government's regional policy and coordinate the regional activities of republican executive bodies.

Article 108. The City of Yerevan shall also be considered a province.

The President of the Republic, upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister, shall appoint and remove the Mayor of Yerevan.

Local self-government shall be instituted in Yerevan through neighborhood districts.

Article 109. In cases prescribed by law, the Government may remove the Administrator of a district upon the recommendation of the Governor of the Province.

When the Administrator of a district is removed by the decision of the Government, special elections shall be held within a period of thirty days. Until such time as the newly elected District Administrator may take office, an Acting District Administrator shall be appointed by the Prime Minister for urban districts and by the Governor for rural districts.

Article 110. The election procedure of local self-governing bodies and their powers shall be determined by the Constitution and the laws.


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