Advocates’ Harassment

The Representative of the Chamber of Advocates did not wish to be filmed

Today, the Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron Administrative District of Yerevan the presentation of the advocate's claim against the decision of the Chamber of Advocates has been continued. Advocate Vahe Grigoryan demands that the court should invalidate the decisions of the Chairman of the Chamber and the Board. The story started after the article had published at the Facebook by advocate Tigran Atanesyan, which was followed with a comment by plaintiff Vahe Grigoryan. The latter wrote the following: "I think that you [addressing to Mr. T. Atanesyan] should take up lessons in the School of Advocates on “How the Chamber of Advocates and its representatives should not be", and as educational materials, distribute to the attendees the letters you have received related to the cases you hold and those you have got concerning the applications. And the author who has written the paragraph preceding part 2 of this letter, who thought of writing such an answer to the advocate, in my opinion, suffers from a hypothetical illness, a disease that has sharply slowed down or completely stopped the person's intellectual development as a result of certain hormonal deficiencies. Therefore, I will not use hurtful words on his address, understanding that it is a result of physical dysfunction”. Consequently, a disciplinary sanction was filed against him. Today, the plaintiff did not appear before the court hearing. Representative of the Chamber of Advocates, Gevorg Mkrtchyan objected against the motion requesting to film the hearing. "I myself don’t want to be filmed. It gives a rise for some speculations”, Gevorg Mkrtchyan said. The Court recommended the respondent to ask two weeks to announce his written position on the proof. The trial will continue on May 30. 16 May 2018

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