Helsinki Association for Human Rights” NGO Announcement on Violations during Yerevan Avagani Elections

The Helsinki Association Defender NGO expresses its strong condemnation of violations taken place during the elections of Yerevan Avagani (Assembly of Aldermen) of May 17, 2017, particularly against Zaruhi Postanjyan, the NA Deputy,  a candidate for Yerevan Mayor, and her daughter Lilit Drampyan, as well as those taken place against journalists in polling stations and in RPA headquarters.

We consider inadmissible the preconceived announcemnet of the representative of the RA Prosecutor General’s Office, in which the violation against Zaruhi Postanjyan was qualified as a lawful action. Despite further investigation results, to give such an assessment to the accident in a very short time has an obvious  tendancy to put pressure on and lead the investigation, which gives rise to sound doubt as regards to further objectiveness of the investigation.    

Thus, we demand as follows:

1.      To carry on a proper examination by maintaining all legal procedures to discover   the sinners of violations against the one of personal immunity, representatives of the Mass Media, and others, and to expose them to criminal liability.

2.      Taking into consideration the many facts which come to show that the kind of violations are continuous and permanent, to initiate objective steps in order to rule out events of the same kind in future. 


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