STOP Erdogan and Aliyev now!!!

In the early morning of September 27, 2020, in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, with absolute disregard for the call by the UN Secretary-General for a worldwide ceasefire, openly backed by Erdogan's Turkey, Aliev's Azerbaijan launched a large-scale attack along the entire line of contact of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) using heavy artillery, tanks, aircraft, and missiles. There are already over a hundred wounded and over a dozen killed among the military and civilian population, including at least one child. 

This attack is unprecedented in the size and scope of the military arsenal engaged. It is clear that engaging along the entire length of the frontline would have required premeditated moves and strategic dislocation of armed forces and heavy equipment, which suggests that this could not have been an operation countering Armenian aggression. Instead, it is an outrageous all-out attack on the side of Azerbaijan that is fueled by the bellicose rhetoric of Turkey’s top political figures and the cautious stance of the international community, not pursuing the demand of continued negotiations in a resolute manner. Besides, Azerbaijan is using the lack of knowledge to abuse media through propaganda and create a perception that Armenian forces have attacked Azerbaijan. There are numerous reports of Turkey deploying terrorists from Syria and Libya to Azerbaijan to help it fight the war. It is also supplying Azerbaijan with arms and Turkish drones. We believe that Turkey openly supports terrorism and its expansion and intends to further destabilize the region. 

We also believe that if the international community does not react in a timely and appropriate manner, the military operations may expand beyond the conflict zone, resulting in serious atrocities and a humanitarian crisis in the region, exacerbated by the situation related to the coronavirus outbreak. From other conflicts in the region, where Turkey has been leading military operations, one could see the uncontrollable armed clashes involving paramilitary groups and more dangerously, those that fight for the Islamic State. This region has for long been the eyed target of the radical militant groups, and with this escalation spiraling out of control, no-one is guaranteed from witnessing full ignorance of the principles of humanitarian law and unpredictable outcomes for the civilians in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and the wider region. The international community has to act now in the defense of the fundamental rights and most of all the right of all the peoples of the region to life and dignity. 

We, the undersigned strongly condemn the Turkey-backed aggression by the Azerbaijani regime and appeal to the international community. We ask for clear actions that go beyond statements and use sanctions, as well as other means to bring the belligerent party to the table. The failure to act now is filled with unpredictable consequences for the region and the world as such.

We call for the UN Secretary-General to stand for Human Rights and Security, as it should.

We call for the Council of Europe to act in the protection of Human Rights. 

We call for NATO to publicly condemn and take immediate action to stop its member state Turkey.

We call for the European Union to act in support of peace and stability in Europe and its neighborhood.

We call for the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs to take urgent and effective measures to end the Turkey-backed Azerbaijani regime's aggression and to resume negotiations for peaceful resolution of the conflict. 

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