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The Criminal Case against Helsinki Association Monitor Arman Veziryan is a Showdown. Mikael Danielyan


M. Danielyan also informed that the Investigator suggested withdrawing the complaint but Arman Veziryan did not take back the complaint, afterwards an accusation was brought against Arman Veziryan. The accusation is connected with the incident which took place on April 30th in Sedrak Sargsyan street. The activists from ANC candidate Arshak Banuchyan’s pre-electoral headquarter, proposed at polling station №11, were delivering agitating leaflets and put one of the leaflets in front of the entrance of a house. A man of about 45 years (Tigran Manukyan) came out of the house and started shouting: “Take this stuff and clear of”. The fellow who had put the leaflet apologized and Arman Veziryan who was present there as a monitor and was monitoring the campaigning process approached to take the leaflet. The man struck the monitor in the face twice. Accusation was made against Manukyan on the basis of Article 118 (battery).

Afterwards, on June 12th senior investigator Kamo Sharoyan from  Shengavit district police department     brought an accusation against Helsinki Association Monitor Arman Veziryan in accordance with Article 118 (battery) of RA Cr. Code, as well as made a decision to apply as precautionary measure signing not leave from the country.

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