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“Bring that investigator here” the testimony on army cases were exaggerated

The Mehrab army case of Karlen and Artak Sargsyans and Manuk Sargsyan was continued its hearing yesterday at Tavush District Court. They are blamed in violation against Lieutenant David Mkrtchyan. Ani Torosyan – Lawyer of Sargsyans told that Roden Poghosyan, Garik Zaqaryan and Gegham Margaryan were testified yesterday during the hearing. All witnesses claimed that their testimonies attached by the investigator are not written by them.
Poghostan got angry with the fact that investigator wrote totally different facts instead of his testimony.
“Bring that investigator to me” insisted Poghosyan. He insured that he had heard David Mkrtchyan telling others that he hadn`t impacted the soldiers.

For more details please switch to the Armenian version of the Article.

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Video by Arman Veziryan, Helsinki Association



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