He doesn`t understand Human Rights. Minister`s announcement is mistrusted

Contradicting to the minister, Danielyan pointed that it is impossible to speak about respect of other religions while many people in Armenia are imprisoned because of their beliefs. Danielyan was speaking about Jehovah witnesses.

“This shows that we are totally intolerant of other beliefs. We have examples of different intolerant announcements of RA Government and Armenian Apostolic Church representatives.”
According to Danielyan, almost all Armenians: not only those who live in Armenia but also those Armenians who live abroad are intolerant of other cultural and religious minorities. “They used to live in one country and simultaneously criticize that country. There are lots of examples of this: majority of Armenians in authoritarian countries don`t only accept culture of those countries but serve their heads; such as Bashar Asad in Syria, Vladimir Putin in Russia etc. Generally, Armenians and tolerance are very different notions. One cannot on the one hand be tolerant of culture and belief and on the other hand be intolerant of LGBT representatives. People are either tolerant or not; there is no half-tolerance.”- said the human rights protector.

For more information please see the Armenian version of the article.

Information by Epress.am.


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