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Executive Summary Of the Report on the Circumstances of Serviceman Tigran Abgaryan’s Death


2. The existence of the scars on the victim’s body are consistent with the application of blunt
physical force, during which the victim’s head was apparently not covered by a helmet. This
fact was openly disregarded by the forensic medical expert, who, while mentioning the wounds,
failed to reveal the mechanism and the timing of their appearance.

3. The government’s forensic experts have been clearly defending a single line: to exclude
everything that could confirm the fact of point-blank fire, as well as the application of blunt
physical force, and to affirm the official version by blurring the existing facts.

4. The Special Investigative Service (SIS) has gone to great lengths to distort the circumstances of
Tigran Abgaryan’s death. The investigation has been inadequate as the forensic tests were not
comprehensive, the clothing was not confiscated and examined, numerous contradictions
present in the case were not eliminated. What is more, the SIS has implicated the forensic
medical and ballistic experts in its deliberate actions.

5. The Office of the Prosecutor General has utterly failed in its duty to provide proper
prosecutorial oversight for the investigation of the fact of Tigran Abgaryan’s killing. The case
contains not a single directive or instruction by the supervising prosecutor aimed at ensuring
the comprehensiveness, completeness and objectivity of the investigation. In the end the
investigation of the fact Tigran Abgaryan’s killing was deemed completed, charges for his
killing were issued within the “Case of seven,” and the case was forwarded to the court.

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