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Eyewitnesses of March 1 | Mkhitaryan Vahram

The preventative punishment was explained on March 5 at 19:00 in the evening.
For the first time I saw my son on March 19 in “Nubarashen” CEI. He told me that on March 1 the people had slept, when hundreds of policemen had attacked them. Then they took him to Police Department of Kanaker-Zeytun.
I went there, but I was told that that investigator Veqilyan and the investigative group of prosecution were engaged in the case of my son. My niece was with him and they questioned her, as my son was temporary living in her place. I was called to Police Department, but no one told me to go to Prosecutor’s Office. It was my intention to go there. They called my niece, but they didn’t display any summons. They had phoned her and I took there myself.
My son told me that he had been beaten both in the police department and in the prosecutor’s office. When he was in the room of prosecutor’s office, he was beaten by a baton and he lost his consciousness. In the Police Department of Zeytun he was beaten by a white-haired lieutenant colonel. My son told me that he had been beaten by batons in the Police Department and he had been beaten by wooden batons in the prosecutor’s office. They beat him to seize evidence. The investigative actions were going on. My son refused to sign any paper as it hadn’t been written by him. He even denied legal representation. His advocate was Karen Manucharyan

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