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Helsinki Association Statement on Beatings of Arsen Kharatyan

On 28 May an activist of youth oppositional movement “Hima” (Now) and “Sksela” (It Has Started) Arsen Kharatyan was brutally beaten in Yerevan. The Armenian authorities which are reluctant to investigate the offences occurred during the presidential election and dispersal of peaceful demonstrations, commit new outrages and pursue a policy of the dictate of force.

The demands of the international community to carry out democratic changes in the country and to conduct an impartial investigation into the crimes as provided for in the PACE Resolution 1609 are neglected. Ordered trials into the cases of representatives of the opposition and made-up and unproven charges brought against them are still underway. Harassment of the General Prosecution directed against the Ombudsman of Armenina A. Harutyunyan is nothing but a pressure on any manifestation of dissent opinion. There is no place in the civilized world for a country which has more than a hundred of political prisoners.

Once more does the Helsinki Association apply to the world community with a necessity to exert pressure on the authorities of Armenia in order for the latter to conduct immediate democratic changes and live up to all obligations taken before the world community.  

Yerevan, 05.29.2008

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