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Helsinki Association Statement On The Case Of Alexander Arzumanyan

Closely following the investigation into the criminal case against Alexander Arzumanyan, we have convinced once more that the law enforcement of RA continues to act in the illegal field they created themselves. It was more than strange and shameful for the Republic of Armenia, when the ex-foreign minister was arrested prior to the elections on some odd charge. This must have given rise to concerns by every citizen of RA and the lawfulness of the elections should be challanged. The law enforcement bodies, maintaining the logic of their work style created for years, first found the one who should be guilty and then brought the charge. We have again been convinced of this, when it was found out recently that Alexander Arzumanyan “has laundered” not the money of Levon Markos “gained by unlawful means”, but he “has laundered” the money of Sashik Aghazaryan, a businessman living in Moscow. Suddenly the investigation agency found itself in a deadlock. However, we should admit that it was in the deadlock since the first day the proceedings had been instituted, and in order to save the situation, the law enforcement applied to the relevant agencies of Russian Federation to find out the illegality of the S. Aghazaryan’s activity. This may have only one explanation: to keep the ex-minister of RA, the initiator of the movement “Civic Disobedience” in prison as long as possible in order to get away with the extra problems prior to the elections.

Taking into consideration the following Helsinki Association condemns such work style of the authorities of RA and demands:

  • to release from prison the ex-minister of foreign affairs Alexander Arzumanyan,
  • to conduct an official investigation into a groundless accusation brought against A. Arzumanyan by the National Security Service (NSS) and to bring to justice those criminal officers of NSS and the Prosecutor’s Office of RA, which did not undertake anything to prevent the illegalities taking place within the case.

Helsinki Association

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