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Judge has examined the claim of Arshaluys Hakobyan

The judge decided to restart the claim examination as G. Khachatryan was not informed about the trial properly.

On 06.11.2009 the court examined the claim without the applicants; the reason was that A. Hakobyan and his defense attorney were not informed about the trial at all, as the judge to the case “clarified” this in his counseling-room.

On 16.11.2009 the Court continued the claim examination at presence of A. Hakobyan and G. Khachatryan (note: A. Hakobyan was not informed about the trial again). On 17.11.2009 the Court decided to grant the claim and dismiss the decision to discontinue the criminal prosecution against V. Badalyan and A. Sargsyan made by investigator K. Nazaryan on 29.07.2009

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