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Nikol Pashinyan’s suits heard in “Artik” penitentiary

At 12:00 session penitentiary staff prevented journalists and monitors from taking photo and video cameras with them alleging the judge’s decision. In fact, the complaint was being heard for the first time, and during the hearing the judge declined the assertions regarding court’s decision of prohibition. At 14:00 hearing, based on the judge’s rejection of the fact of prohibition during the first hearing photo and video cameras were unbanned. However, during this session the judge upheld the decision prohibiting any shooting made on the last session tackling the same issue.
The first session was postponed for two weeks so as the claimant would have an opportunity to discuss the issue of rejecting the judge with his attorney. During the second session the main topic of discussion became official oral prohibition according to which Pashinyan was not allowed to take papers of the case to the meetings with his attorney. As a result the lawyer was not able to analyse the case and decide whether to represent Pashinyan at court, and Pashinyan was representing himself at court without a lawyer’s assistance. He moved for an opportunity to work on the papers of the case with a lawyer. The motion was upheld and session was postponed.
The information is provided by Helsinki Association monitors Arman Veziryan and Tatevik Danielyan


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