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Receiver Society?

arises – a situation in which society members become incapable of dividing among themselves their duties and functions that such a membership entails in order to have the whole communal structure perform orderly.

In this day and age people mostly live in groups that are called democratic societies. What is democracy? The 16th president of the United State Abraham Lincoln described democracy as:

“Government of the people, by the people, for the people.”

For an unknown reason most people consider only the last part applicable to them: humans seem prone to chase after prerogatives and run far away from duties. However, we will achieve nothing in the sole position of the recipient as the position of the donor would remain vacant. In order to establish a government “for the people”, individuals should recognize themselves as parts of the governing system as doers, programmers, performers, supervisors and only afterwards as beneficiaries. In fact we not only neglect our responsibilities as citizens, but also our rights, the right of the choice to name one. Every person should understand that in a common society we are in charge of each other and our decisions have their reflections on the everyday life of others. So, why not to think twice before ignoring elections or selling our voices to powerful people?   

Today many people with contrasting social statuses, mind-sets, education and grasps of the surrounding world express indifference towards political life at large. In fact, this may serve as a solid ground for understanding the roots  of government’s self-centered actions and complete ignorance of national interests and welfare. The possibility of having a perfect government that would address people’s problems without being asked to and represent the desires of large masses is very close to nil. If there is no demand very few would risk everything, go against the main stream and position national interests above personal well-being by serving people with greatest devotion and loyalty.

It is largely doubtable that when hiring a domestic help people only arrange the payment and give him/her complete freedom of actions in their own houses. Usually we are very attentive and demanding to the quality of services we pay for, and even the slightest unsatisfactoriness may result in a great scandal and compensation request. So, what is the reason for widespread apathy among people towards life and affairs in their larger house and family – their country and nation? Although we pay taxes we hardly care what our hard-earned money is spent on.       

So let’s take our future in our own hands. Stop running away from the divine opportunity to build it. Otherwise, one day we will just run out of the required building materials.  

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