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Report on the activities of the fact-finding group investigating the events of March 1

a) Former Head of RA Police Haik Harutiunyan has been invited to the fact-finding group three times, though he never appeared. The President was informed on the matter in written way, unfortunately, with no result, Mr. Harutiunyan never appeared.
b) Armenian National Congress has provided the fact-finding group with information on the fact that the military units have supplied bandit groupings with about 950 identical military uniforms from the army warehouse in 2008 with the purpose to instigate various provocations with the their help. The fact-finding group wasn’t afforded possibility to conduct respective examination in the Nth military unit in order to verify this evidence.
c) In order to investigate the participation of the army units in the events of March 1, the fact-finding group has requested several necessary documents from the Defense Ministry, but hasn’t received any of the requested documents until now.
d) The National Security hasn’t afforded their full videotaped documentation of the March events to the fact-finding group.
e) The fact-finding group wasn’t as well afforded data on the persons who have provided operational information and the respective operational cases of February 28-29, 2008, with the justification that certain norms of RA legislation and the Decrees of the President are conflicting or that the requested information is considered state secret.
f) In order to verify the facts related to the killed persons during the March 1 event, the fact-finding group wasn’t provided with the police registers of March 2008 of Kentron Investigative Department of RA Police where the movement of the material evidence was registered.

g) Under the pretence of confidentiality of the witness, the fact-finding group was refused the possibility to establish the sharpshooter’s (sharpshooters’) identity.
h) Until now the Special Investigative Service hasn’t provided the fact-finding group with the expertise reports on the weapons used by the police forces during the March 1 events.
i) The same Special Investigative Service hasn’t provided the fact-finding group till now with the information on the persons who have committed car arson.
j) Many police officials delay or avoid appearing before the fact-finding group on unfounded motivation of their leadership.
k) The information provided by those appeared before the fact-finding group is mainly incomplete and they tend to conceal the existing data. This is predominantly obvious in case of representatives of Police, Army and Special Investigative Service.
l) None of the state institutions have responded to written inquiries on the events of March 1-2 of the Fact-Finding Group within the period of April 22 to June 6 2009.
m) Members of the Fact-Finding Group Andranik Kocharyan and Seda Safaryan were denied access to their office located in the building of RA National Assembly from May 5 to May 18 2009.

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