Statement on torture, degrading and inhuman treatment

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Hrachya Gevorgyan announced a hunger strike in protest. We have informed the RA Human Rights Defender’s office and the Group of Public Observers Conducting Public Monitoring of Penitentiary Institutions and Bodies of the Ministry of Justice.

During the visit of the observers the prison’s administration transferred the other prisoner of the same cell who was helping Gevorgyan. As a result Gevorgyan was left helpless.

H. Gevorgyan was arrested in the Court of the first Instance in 2011. The trial lasted for 4 years and 3 months, and since the hearing in the Court of Appeal on February 1, 2016 the court hearings have been delayed because of Gevorgyan’s health condition.

Helsinki Association evaluates the treatment against Hrachya Gevorgyan as torture, inhuman treatment and humiliation of dignity. We appeal to all the above mentioned individuals to take measures within their jurisdiction and immediately halt the torture, inhuman treatment and humiliation of dignity

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