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The Authorities Acted the Way they have Anticipated; Mikael Danielyan on the Elections

“The only innovation was that a new trick of electoral fraud was introduced; this was the story of seals. It may be obviously said that the authorities were prepared for these frauds and from my viewpoint they managed to realize everything they anticipated. The numbers and percentages witness about that. Definitely the authorities imagined that they did not have vote of confidence among the nation; that was the reason they were getting prepared. I do not wish to say which powers had vote of confidence, but the authorities did not have it for sure,”- said Mikael Danielyan.        Talking on the post-election developments the human right defender expressed the opinion that the Armenian National Congress (ANC) should not enter RA National Assembly. Danielyan thinks that the best way is to boycott.   “The previous coalition – “Republican Party of Armenia”, “Prosperous Armenia” and “Rule of Law (Armenia)” I think will be restored and there will be no surprise. Maybe one more force, perhaps “Heritage” party will join, as far as Raffi Hovhannisyan (the leader of the party) has told that there is a possibility to form a coalition. I was interested whether or not ANC opposition party would receive a place. There is a tradition in Armenia during the elections; you are not elected, instead you are either given a place or not,”- told Mikael Danielyan.  Danielyan mentioned that he also did not discover any surprises during the majority voted system; even it was expected that attorney Edmon Marukyan would be elected in Vanadzor, winning the Republican Viktor Dallakian.“Unfortunately, lots of people will realize very late who is who in that field; both in the political and human rights defender. It is not possible to become a deputy without being known at least at your electoral district and if he says that he is a “kinder-surprise”, let him think over and say “where do kinder-surprises come from”. In Armenia people do not become deputies for no particular reason”, – stated Mikael Danielyan.   
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