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The Court of Appeal recognises the fact of violation of Hasmik Sargsyan’s rights and freedoms

The Court of Appeal has partially satisfied the complaint of the representative of Hasmik Sargsyan, who was subjected to tortures in the Syunik region. The judge Rubik Mkhitaryan recognized the fact of violation of Hasmik Sargsyan’s rights and freedoms and sent the case for effective investigation in the Special Investigation Service. Her representative, the advocate Ara Gharagyozyan informed about it.

On the basis of Hasmik Sargsyan’s report, the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Armenia, on 12 April, 2018, initiated a criminal case on the feature of exceeding  powers of authority, but after a while, on 2 July, 2018, the investigator of the Special Investigative Service made a decision on quashing the initiation of the criminal case.

Soon after the decision on quashing the case had been received, Ara Gharagyozyan filed an appeal on an improper investigation into the torture case. David Balayan, the judge of Yerevan Court of General Jurisdiction, rejected the appeal filed by Hasmik Sargsyan’s representative.

According to Hasmik Sargsyan, she was subjected to torture in the police department to make her testify that she had stole at least ten thousand, but not four thousand drams.

If the stolen amount had made 4000 drams, Hasmik Sargsyan would not have been subjected to criminal liability, as according to the article attributed to her, a person is subject to criminal liability in case the cost of the stolen property is equal to or more than 5000 drams.

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