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The trial of Gagik Shamshyan

On August 5, 2008 during the trial of S. Ayvazyan Judge Gagik Avetisyan ordered Gagik Shamshyan to stop video and photo recordings. G. Shamshyan refused to stop recording process and presiding judge ordered court officers to take G. Shamshyan out of the court room and to impose sanctions against him. The accusation was grounded by testimonies of court officers. According to them G. Shamshyan called the judge “calf” and “foolish”. However, expert V. Ninoyan submitted the results of video and audio expertise to the court mentioning that there were no such expressions heard there. During the investigation process, journalists who were present at the above mentioned trial, we testified as witnesses, but they were not invited as witnesses during the hearing of March 24, 2009.

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